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I am 18 years old and do not have kids. I got Mirena inserted last week. The insertion itself was not that bad, just a bit of discomfort, it was like 3 pinches. When it was over, the doctor asked me how I was feeling, and I felt fine so he let me get up to get dressed. When I came back in the room, I almost passed out and thought I was going to throw up. The nurse got me lying down on the bed again and these feelings went away. The cramping started at this time. I cramped that day, which was manageable with 2 Midol%u2019s and 2 Advil (which was a great combination for this procedure). For the next few days I would get a cramp once a day, no big deal. I haven%u2019t been spotting at all, just a tiny bit right after the insertion.

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